Publixsurvey – Win $1000 Gift – Publix Survey

Publixsurvey – The supermarket company operated by Publix is often ranked among the most successful in the United States. It is a supermarket and pharmacy shop combined into one that offers a significant amount of savings on a broad variety of high-quality items.

Publixsurvey - Win $1000 Gift - Publix Survey

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Publixsurvey – Win $1000 Gift – Publix Survey

The company has a presence in a number of different states, including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina, to name just a few of them. 

Publix is in a very competitive industry; hence, the company works hard to maintain and increase its market share in any manner that it can.

The Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey is one way that may be used to listen to the complaints and recommendations that consumers have and then react to those concerns and suggestions.

Customers are given the opportunity to submit to a survey and provide their comments about the operation of the store. In return for their participation, they are offered a chance to win something.

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Publixsurvey - Win $1000 Gift - Publix Survey

About Publix Survey on

A chain of grocery stores operating under the name Publix Super Markets, Inc. in the United States. In addition, the corporate headquarters of Publix Supermarkets may be found in the city of Lakeland in the state of Florida. In 1930, George W. Jenkins laid the groundwork for what would become the Publix Store.

In addition to this, Publix stores may be found all across the Southeastern region of the United States. The following states are included in the company’s operational footprint: Georgia (194), Alabama (82), South Carolina (64), Virginia (19), Tennessee (52), and North Carolina (51).

About Publix

Publix Super Markets, Inc.’s headquarters may be found in Lakeland, which is located in the state of Florida. Therefore, Publix is a chain of supermarkets located in the United States.

The firm is most often known by its trading name, which is Publix. The United States of America is home to the headquarters of Publix, which is recognized as the most successful regional grocery store chain in the whole globe.

In the United States, there are more than 1,200 Publix shops, which together are responsible for the employment of more than 193,000 individuals.

Publix is a chain of supermarkets that offers a diverse selection of food and non-food items, including groceries, deli items, baked goods, fruits and vegetables, flowers, meats, and seafood, among other things.

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Publixsurvey - Win $1000 Gift - Publix Survey

Rules & Requirements of Publix Survey

  • Please give the guidelines for the Publix Survey considerable consideration.
  • To participate in the online survey at, you need to be at least 18 years old.
  • There are no other payment options than cash at Publix Survey.
  • In order to participate, you need to prove that you are a citizen of one of the following states: Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, or Georgia.
  • There is only room for one entry per survey code.
  • It is not possible for you to take part in the PublixSurvey if you are currently employed there.
  • Employees that are affiliated with other companies are likewise unable to take part in the PublixSurvey.
  • Participating in the online survey at does not involve the purchase of any items on your behalf.
  • Please keep in mind that the Publix Survey may only be completed by visiting the official website at

Survey Restrictions

  • You will need a regular email address that can be verified.
  • You will want either a notebook computer or a desktop computer, in addition to a reliable internet connection.
  • It is necessary that you have your most recent receipt from the Publix Store.
  • You will need to be fluent in either English or Spanish in order to succeed in this position.
  • You are need to purchase anything in order to get the online invitation (receipt or token). You are not required to purchase anything in order to submit an entry via the mail.
  • In order to participate in the competition, participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • In addition, only one entry per person is allowed for the quarterly giveaways that are being held.
  • Every month, there will be three people chosen as the winners for each quarter. One of them will emerge victorious from this competition.
  • Every entry that does not win a prize during the first three months is carried over to the next month’s drawing.

Take Publix Survey

Survey Entry Methods

It is not essential to make a purchase in order to join the sweepstakes or win the prizes that are being offered. Simply submit an entry before the March 31, 2023 deadline, which is at midnight Eastern Time. This is for the Publix Customer Voice Survey Sweepstakes Winter 2023. The computer at Publix is serving as the official timekeeper.

Finish the survey that can be found at and be sure to read and follow all of the instructions. Please ensure that the entry form has all of the needed information, including your contact information.

You may participate in this sweepstakes by putting your contact information on a piece of paper or an index card and submitting it to the following address: Publix Customer Voice Survey Sweepstakes Winter 2023 Entry, Attn:

  • Lakeland, Florida 33811, Marketing and Research, 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway. This should be sent to the firm no later than April 6th, 2023 at the latest.

Online Entry Mode

  • To begin, make a purchase at any Publix and hang on to your receipt.
  • To proceed with the Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey, please visit
  • Third, enter the store number, survey code, and time while still holding the receipt.
  • Click the Next button after all the essential information has been input.
  • This page contains questions and answers. Please be honest in your responses and feel free to provide feedback where appropriate.
  • Please rate your opinions on a scale from five stars to one.
  • The last step is to fill out the form with your contact information.

U.S Mail-In-Entry

  • Participating in the Publix Customer Survey by mail-in submission is free of charge.
  • Complete the postcard by writing the date, time, and store number of your most recent visit.
  • Please submit all correspondence to 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33811, Attn: Marketing/Research. Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey Summer 2023 Sweepstakes
  • Visit today to join the $1,000 prize.

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Publix Survey Rewards

The rewards are three gift cards at the value of $1,000 each, and one will be given away in a raffle every month.

The amount of entries that have been submitted up to this point throughout the promotion period will determine how likely it is that a winner will be selected. One winner from each home will be selected. The gift certificates are not redeemable for cash under any circumstances.

They are not available for purchase, auction, or trade in any form. They cannot be given to another person under any circumstances.

The prize may only be claimed by the winner, whose name will be printed on the submission. Gift cards may be used at any Publix location to buy products up to the value that is shown on the card.

Take Publix Survey

Publixsurvey - Win $1000 Gift - Publix Survey


Participation in the Publix survey sweepstakes is restricted to just those people who meet the requirements. Participants must have reached the age of majority in their state of residency in order to be eligible for the 2023 competition, as stated in the official regulations. They also need to be a legal resident of the United States and live inside the promotional area. 

There are certain people who are not eligible for this offer, such as employees of Publix and other organizations that are directly engaged in the planning and management of this marketing initiative.

Their close family members, including their parents, children, spouses, siblings, and any other persons who reside in their home regardless of their connection to them, are not permitted to access the facility either.

If it is determined by Publix that the operation, administration, or fairness of the promotion has been compromised in any way, the company has the right to either cancel, terminate, or suspend the offer.

The breakdown of a network or information storage system, an illegal intervention, a malfunctioning system, a failure in telecommunications, and other challenges are some examples of problems that are beyond the control of the firm. 

They are going to release a notice that contains all of the relevant information. Individuals may also be disqualified by the organization if they attempt to interfere with the selection process, violate the rules, or behave in an undesirable way toward anybody associated with the promotion.

Only residents of the states of Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina are eligible to participate in the Publix survey sweepstakes contest.

Outside of these places, it is null and void. The promotion is subject to legislation on all levels, including the federal, state, and municipal levels. 

Publix reserves the right to choose how the official regulations should be interpreted. Its verdicts are conclusive and binding.

Simply taking part in the activity indicates that you accept all of the terms and conditions of the regulations. Any and all disagreements that may arise in connection with the promotion are to be resolved according to Florida law.

You may get a copy of the Official Rules as well as the complete list of winners by visiting either the Promotion Page or the official website for Publix. People may also send a written request to the corporate office of Publix to get a copy of the document in the mail.

Take Publix Survey

Publixsurvey FAQs

  • Question – If you try to access PublixSurvey online, you’ll get a 404 error message?

Answer – In the event that a customer receives an error message or has problems accessing the survey page, they do not need to be concerned. You need to wait until everything has settled down before you try to execute the same actions again. Should customers continue to have issues, they may contact the customer support staff at Publix using the social media outlets that the company maintains.

  • Question – Are they able to have peace of mind knowing that their responses to Publix’s anonymised survey would be kept private?

Answer – Sure. The aggregated and anonymized responses that they provide to the official poll will not be made public, nor will they in any way alter the level of service that they get in any manner. They will come clean once they get the gift card for $1,000 in their possession.

  • Question – What differentiates Publix from other retail establishments of its kind?

Answer – They don’t need to go any farther than Publix if they’re seeking for a supermarket that lives up to its tagline, “making value for customers,” since Publix was the first supermarket in the United States to pioneer the self-checkout craze.

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